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High integrity IT infrastruture

Revera High integrity IT infrastruture

Revera specialize solely in providing businesses with high integrity computing infrastructure and services. They keep their customers' IT running and ensure that their business data is safe and easily accessible.

Locally managed

We are an independent and New Zealand owned company, run from offices in Auckland, Wellington and Melbourne. Our trans-Tasman data centre facilities provide high integrity computing infrastructure that serves as the trusted guardian of business critical systems and information for hundreds of business customers.

Proven strategy

Our company culture isn't optional for us, it is a strategic imperative. We believe that to develop healthy external relationships, one must first be good at internal relationships. And so, we proactively direct and maintain our company culture to ensure we have a happy and focused team who are primed to deliver a great service and experience for our customers.

Our brand

The name Revera comes from the Latin term for ‘in truth', which is an attribute that we practice and endorse. The brand essence is trust, or as we often phrase it, a safe pair of hands.

Our uniqueness

In today's competitive business environment customers want to deal with specialist companies that they can trust to deliver and have the right skills on hand when they need them. An extra bonus is if the experience is enjoyable too! Revera is such a company in the field of computing infrastructure provision.

  • Specialists: We only do computing infrastructure services – it's our field of expertise, our sole focus.
  • Responsive: Quick to respond, approachable and friendly.
  • Mid-sized: We are sized and skilled to maximize the effectiveness of our service and our customer's level of satisfaction.
  • Rock-on: The rock. We speak the truth. There are no surprises.
  • High-integrity: We do what we say we will.
  • Proven record: 93% of respondents in an independent survey, were either very satisfied or satisfied with their overall service they received from Revera

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