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CRM Solution

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

At the outset of the design of Torque on Demand it was a declared intention to provide a system which truely understands the client and in particular the client person. This meant recording the obvious, name, address and contact details, but also their roles and the details of the requests they made, thereby understanding their value to the business and how they should be treated. Having this sort of information available to the client service person / salesman, provides signifcant power to the discussion.

Prospects / Clients

Too many systems see prospects as a different group to the clients.  In the Torque on Demand solution a prospect is a client that has not signed a contract.  But more importantly, a client is still a prospect for new products and services. Each and every contact with a prospect or a client is seen as an opportunity and can be dealt with int he same way.

Proposal Preparation

In large organisations selling complex product packages, standardised proposals and quotes are preferred to ensure the legal requirements are fullfilled. Torque on demand has a document preparation feature which allows the user to pick and choose standard paragraphs and at the same time ensures that the fundamental requirements are met.