Torque Management Systems


"Knowledge is Power" so they say and it is the gathering of information which allows us to deliver to your client some of the most powerful tools.

Torque Communicator keeps stats on every individual article on the site so we know exactly which articles are being read and if login is required who is reading them. As Web Manager, you will quickly learn what works and what doesn't on differenct pages.


In the user logged-in scenario it is very easy to keep a rolling history of the articles read by an individual across multiple visits and using this information to direct them to other interesting articles as your rules define.


The system also includes a classification of stories feature which, if activated, automatically learns and builds a user profile for the user based on the stories read and also builds the story profile based on the story readers. 


It is therfore possible to build a single page where two different readers will be delivered completely different experiences based on their profile