Torque Management Systems

Marketing Emails

Email Marketing is a very important aspect of business for many organisations. 


Torque Communicate provide a high level of integration between the web-management and the email marketing tasks.  Not only do we guarantee that the marketing material will be consistent, (We recommend you direct the reader to the web-site page with the story/information), but it is also very cost effective because using our self managing user management system, you do not have to waste countless hours making sure your email list is current.


Ensuring your email arrives when you want  is another important feature. If it arrives at the wrong time, it will end up in the Trash. Torque's email delivery system allows you to schedule the date and time of the delivery of the emails.


Torque's emailer not only keeps accurate email logs but also independently insures that emails are not sent to people who have unsubscribed. Thus protecting you from accusations of spam.