Torque Management Systems

Feedback / Enquires

Getting your clients/partners involved is the ultimate goal. Whether it is to place an order, make an enquiry or provide feedback from an earlier sales experience.


Torque Communicate provides a tool to allow you to construct your own dynamic  questionnaire with our QSMART product.


As with all our other products, maintaining your marketing image is important so qsmart is a graphical tool which allows you to choose your colour schemes, images, branding messages and then develop a series of intelligent questions .


The objective is to develop a high level of user buy-in by presenting the survey in a high quality interface, only asking questions that are relevant to the user ( using branching logic ) and keeping them interested with some new and innovative question styles.


On completion of the survey, the results can be processed immediately by emailing the answers to the survey manager or preparing a dynamic pdf document to be emailed to the respondent.


The answers are always recorded in the database so that you, the survey manager can extract and/or analyse as required.

Qsmart can be used as a tool on its own, presented within your own web-site (independent of Torque) or fully integrated into the Torque Communicate solution.